Walpurgis is the original version of "War Pigs", it's legally avaliable on Ozzy Osbourne's "The Ozzman Cometh", but otherwise it's a rare release.

The track is only avaliable on vinyl format as a bootleg entitled "Walpurgis - The Peel Sessions 1970".

The song's lyrics were written by Geezer based on the Dennis Wheatley book "The Devil Rides Out", the subject matter is about Walpurgis Night and sinners (or Satanists) are unleashing Satan onto the world, only to get scared and running to a priest, only for him to get casted into Hell.

Due to the nature of the song, the band and record company had to change it to what would become "War Pigs".


NOTE: We're not sure if the one lyric "Lords got my brain instinct with blood obscene" is the actual lyric or not.

Witches gather at black masses

Bodies burning in red ashes

On the hill the church in ruin

Is the scene of evil doings

It’s a place for all bad sinners

Watch them eating dead rats’ innards

I guess it’s the same where ever you may go

Oh Lord yeah

Carry banners which denounce the lord

See me rocking in my grave

See them anoint my head with dead rat’s blood

See them stick the stake through me


Don’t hold me back cause I’ve just gotta go

They’ve got a hold of my soul now

Lords got my brain instinct with blood obscene

Look in my eyes I’m there enough


On the scene a priest appears

Sinners falling at his knees

Satan sends out funeral pyre

Casts the priest into the fire

It’s the place for all bad sinners

Watch them eating dead rats’ innards

I guess it’s the same whereever you may go

Oh lord yeah

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