Black Sabbath debut album

The Wizard is the second track off of Black Sabbath's self-titled debut album. The track was composed by all four band members and included as a B-side for Paranoid in a Netherlands single.


"The Wizard" is about a wizard who uses his magic to encourage people he encounters. In a 2005 interview with Metal Sludge, Black Sabbath bassist and lyricist Geezer Butler said the song's lyrics were influenced by the wizard Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. It was also believed to be about the band's drug dealer at the time.


NOTE: A fan pointed out that they got a Ozzy tour book and saw the picture of the original lyrics to "The Wizard" with the lyrics saying "long gray cloak" instead of "funny clothes". Those lyrics are confirmed and therefore they'll be added.

 Misty morning, clouds in the sky
 Without warning, a wizard walks by
 Casting his shadow, weaving his spell
 Long gray cloak, twinkling bell
 Never talking
 Just keeps walking
 Spreading his magic
 Evil power disappears
 Demons worry when the wizard is near
 He turns tears into joy
 Everyone's happy when the wizard walks by
 Never talking
 Just keeps walking
 Spreading his magic
 Sun is shining, clouds have gone by
 All the people give a happy sigh
 He has passed by, giving his sign
 Left all the people feeling so fine
 Never talking
 Just keeps walking
 Spreading his magic


  • The original title of the song was called "The Sign of The Sorcerer" according to a fan that got a tour book from The Billzard of Ozz tour.
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