The Ultimate Sin
Released February 22, 1986
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Label Epic

The Ultimate Sin is an album by Ozzy Osbourne. It was released on February 22, 1986, and it was remastered and re-issued on August 22, 1995. This album features guitarist Jake E. Lee (formerly of Mickey Ratt, Rough Cutt and Dio). This is the only Osbourne album to feature bassist Phil Soussan - who wrote the album's U.S. hit single "Shot in the Dark" - and the first to feature the late drummer, Randy Castillo. Lyrics were largely written by long-time Osbourne bass player Bob Daisley, who was also present during the initial writing sessions. Daisley left after having a disagreement with Osbourne, which led to the hiring of Soussan. He was also not credited as a co-writer on the initial 1986 pressing of the album. This was corrected for each pressing after that.

The Ultimate Sin was Osbourne's highest charting studio album. The RIAA awarded the album Platinum status on May 14 1986, soon after its release; it was awarded Double Platinum status on October 26, 1994.

In April 2002, the album was deleted from the Osbourne catalog and is no longer being reproduced, due to legal issues between Osbourne and Soussan over the song "Shot in the Dark." While the album is, however, still for sale in the iTunes Store, its most recent North American reissue was the 1995 remastered CD. (The album was reissued again in 2007 in Japan); to date, unlike most other Osbourne reissues, releases of TheUltimate Sin have featured no bonus tracks.

The album was ranked #22 on list over the 50 greatest glam metal albums.

Track Listing

All songs written by Ozzy Osbourne, Jake E. Lee and Bob Daisley except where noted

  1. "The Ultimate Sin" - 3:45
  2. "Secret Loser" - 4:08
  3. "Never Know Why" - 4:27
  4. "Thank God for the Bomb" - 3:53
  5. "Never" - 4:17
  6. "Lightning Strikes" - 5:16
  7. "Killer of Giants" - 5:41
  8. "Fool Like You" - 5:18
  9. "Shot in the Dark" - 4:16 (Osbourne, Phil Soussan)