The Thrill of It All is the fifth track off of Black Sabbath's sixth album Sabotage.


[Verse 1]

Inclination of direction
Walk the turned and twisted rift
With the children of creation
Futuristic dreams we sift
Clutching violently we whisper
With a liquefying cry
Any deadly final answers
That are surely doomed to die

[Verse 2]

Won't you help me Mr. Jesus
Won't you tell me if you can?
When you see this world we live in
Do you still believe in Man?
If my songs become my freedom
And my freedom turns to gold
Then I'll ask the final question
If the answer could be sold

[Verse 3]

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it
'Cause I've got no reason to lie, yeah
Forget your problems that don't even exist
And I'll show you a way to get high
oh yeah
Oh yeah!
oh yeah
Oh yeah!

So come along, you know you matter to me
Remember freedom is not hard to find, yeah
Time to stop all your messing around
Don't you think that I know my own mind
oh yeah
Oh yeah!
oh yeah
Oh yeah!

Why can't you believe, it's not here to perceive
Do you always have to be told, yeah
For you have been taught that if your mind has been bought
Life's entire answer was sold
oh yeah
Oh yeah!
oh yeah
Oh yeah!
oh yeah

[Instrumental Outro]

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