13A National AcrobatAfter All (The Dead)
After ForeverAge of ReasonAir Dance
All Moving Parts (Stand Still)Am I Going Insane (Radio)Am I Going Insane (Radio) (single)
Ancient WarriorAngry HeartAnno Mundi
Back Street KidsBack to EdenBark at the Moon
Behind the Wall of SleepBev BevanBill Ward
Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978)Black MoonBlack Rain
Black Sabbath (album)Black Sabbath (band)Black Sabbath (song)
Black Sabbath WikiBlizzard of OzzBlow on a Jug
Bob DaisleyBobby RondinelliBorn Again (album)
Born Again (song)Born to LoseBreakout
Buried AliveCall of the WildCall of the Wild (single)
Can't Get Close EnoughCardinal SinChanges
Children of the GraveChildren of the Grave (bootleg)Children of the Grave (single)
Children of the SeaCloak and DaggerComputer God
CornucopiaCountry GirlCozy Powell
Craig GruberCross PurposesCross Purposes Live
Cross of ThornsCry All NightDamaged Soul
Danger ZoneDave SpitzDave Walker
David DonatoDear FatherDehumanizer
Devil & DaughterDevil & Daughter (single)Diary of a Madman
Die Young (single)Die Young (song)Digital Bitch
Dirty WomenDisturbing the PriestDon't Start (Too Late)
Down to EarthDying for LoveE5150
Ear in the WallEarth (band)Electric Funeral
EmbryoEnd of the BeginningEric Singer
Eternal IdolEvil EyeEvil Woman (single)
Evil Woman (song)FXFairies Wear Boots
Falling Off the Edge of the WorldFeels Good to MeFeels Good to Me (single)
FluffForbidden (album)Forbidden (song)
Geezer ButlerGeoff NichollsGet a Grip
Glenn HughesGlory RideGod Is Dead?
Guilty as HellGypsy (single)Gypsy (song)
Hand of DoomHard Life to LoveHard Road
Hard Road (single)Headless Cross (album)Headless Cross (single)
Headless Cross (song)Heart Like a WheelHeaven and Hell (album)
Heaven and Hell (song)Heaven in BlackHole in the Sky
Hot LineII Witness
I Won't Cry for YouIan GillanImmaculate Deception
In Memory...In for the KillInto the Void
Iron ManIron Man (single)Isolated Man
It's AlrightIt's Alright (single)Jerusalem
Jo BurtJohnny BladeJunior's Eyes
Keep It WarmKill in the Spirit WorldKilling Yourself to Live
Kiss of DeathLady EvilLady Evil (single)
Laguna SunriseLaurence CottleLetters from Earth
List of MembersLive... Gathered in Their Masses (album)Live Evil
Live ForeverLive at Hammersmith OdeonLive at Last
Lonely Is the WordLonerLooking for Today
Lord of This WorldLost ForeverMaster of Insanity
Master of RealityMegalomaniaMob Rules
N.I.B.Neil MurrayNeon Knights
Neon Knights (single)Never Say Die! (album)Never Say Die! (single)
Never Say Die! (song)NightmareNightwing
No More TearsNo Rest for the WickedNo Stranger to Love
No Stranger to Love (single)Odin's CourtOrchid
Over and OverOver to YouOzzmosis
Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne DiscographyParanoid (album)
Paranoid (single)Paranoid (song)Past Lives
Planet CaravanPsycho ManPsychophobia
Rat SaladRay GillenReunion
Rob HalfordRock 'n' Roll DoctorRodger Bain
Ronnie James DioRusty AngelsSabbath Bloody Sabbath (album)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (single)Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (song)Sabbra Cadabra
SabotageScarlet PimpernelSeason of the Dead
Selling My SoulSeventh Star (album)Seventh Star (song)
Shadow of the WindShaking Off the ChainsShe's Gone
Shock WaveSick and TiredSins of the Father
Sleeping VillageSlipping AwaySnowblind
SolitudeSpeak of the DevilSphinx (The Guardian)
Spiral ArchitectSt. Vitus's DanceStonehenge
SupernautSupertzarSweet Leaf
Swinging the ChainSymptom of the UniverseTV Crimes (single)
TV Crimes (song)Take Me HomeTechnical Ecstasy
The Battle of TyrThe Black Sabbath Story, Vol. 1The Black Sabbath Story, Vol. 2
The CollectionThe DarkThe Devil Cried
The Dio YearsThe EndThe End: Live in Birmingham (album)
The Eternal IdolThe Gates of HellThe Hand That Rocks the Cradle
The Illusion of PowerThe Law MakerThe Mob Rules
The Mob Rules (single)The RebelThe Sabbath Stones (album)
The Sabbath Stones (song)The ShiningThe Shining (single)
The Sign of the Southern CrossThe Thrill of It AllThe Ultimate Sin
The Wizard (single)The Wizard (song)The Writ
Time MachineTomorrow's DreamTomorrow's Dream (single)
Tony IommiTony MartinToo Late
TrashedTrashed (single)Tribute
Turn Up the NightTurn Up the Night (single)Turn to Stone
TyrUnder CoverUnder the Sun
ValhallaVinny AppiceVirtual Death
Vol. 4VoodooVoodoo (single)
Walk AwayWalpurgisWar Pigs
WarningWe Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' RollWheels of Confusion
When Death CallsWho Are You?Wicked World
Wicked World (single)Wishing WellYou Won't Change Me
ZeitgeistZero the Hero
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