Electric Funeral is the fifth track off of Black Sabbath's second studio album Paranoid.

Similar in subject matter to "War Pigs", the song is about a nuclear bomb blowing up on earth and the atrocities of it.


Reflex in the sky

Warn you you’re gonna die

Storm coming, you’d better hide

From the atomic tide

Flashes in the sky

Turns houses into sties

Turns people into clay

Radiation minds decay

Robot minds of robot slaves

Lead them to atomic graves

Plastic flowers, melting sun

Fading moon falls upon

Dying world of radiation,

Victims of man’s frustration

Burning globe of obscene fire

Like electric funeral pyre

Buildings crashing down

To Earth’s cracking ground

Rivers turn to mud

Eyes melt into blood

Earth lies in deathbed

Clouds cry for the dead

Tearing falling rain

Ease the burning pain

Electric Funeral

Electric Funeral

Electric Funeral

Electric Funeral

And so in the sky

Shines the electric eye

Supernatural king

Takes earth under his wing

Heaven’s golden chorus sings

Hell’s angels flap their wings

Evil souls fall to Hell

Ever trapped in burning cell!

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