Black Sabbath- Children of the Grave

Children of the Grave is the fourth track and second single off of Black Sabbath's third studio album Master of Reality.

It continues the same anti-war themes as "War Pigs" and "Electric Funeral" from the band's second studio album Paranoid, adding in Geezer's pacifist ideals of non-violent civil disobedience.

The song has been included in many compilations and live albums and has been performed numerous times by Black Sabbath in it's various line-ups. Ozzy has performed it many times as a solo artist.

Two unreleased versions of "Children of The Grave" are included in the deluxe edition of Master of Reality. The first is a version with alternate lyrics, and the second is an instrumental version.


 Revolution in their minds
 The children start to march
 Against the world in which they have to live in
 And all the hate that's in their hearts
 They're tired of being pushed around
 And told just what to do
 They'll fight the world until they've won
 And love comes pouring through, yeah
 Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today
 Will the sunrise of tomorrow bring in peace in anyway
 Must the world live in the shadow of atomic fear
 Can they win the fight for peace or will they disappear?
 So you children of the world, listen to what I say
 If you want a better place to live in, spread the words today
 Show the world that love is still alive you must be brave
 Or you children of today are children of the grave, yeah


  • White Zombie has covered the song for the cover album "Nativity In Black".
  • Tarot has also covered the song for their album "To Live Forever".
  • The song has appeared on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock as a playable song.
  • The title of the song is referenced in League of Legends as the name of an ultimate attack of the character Mordekaiser.
  • It's also used as the background music of the opening level of Brütal Legend.
Master of Reality
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